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Wierd ...

Jun. 1st, 2006 | 06:09 pm

Is it just me ...
But i think its wierd that my dad Text's me

He got some book from amazon.com, so when the book comes hes at work so instead of callin him at work and buggin him
i Text him ... and he writes back, i dunno i find it odd
My dad does not like at that "texting shit"(thats what he says)
But he texts me .. i don't get it i just think its odd and kinda Wierd

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Apr. 4th, 2006 | 06:39 pm
mood: hungry hungry
music: Cheated Hearts-Yeah yeah yeahs

Ha louie is the SHIT
this is a lil screen shot of a convo we had like last week i think ....
LouienessCollapse )

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Apr. 3rd, 2006 | 09:54 pm
mood: sleepy sleepy

That's all i seem to do lately is YAWN
Between school, goin on job interviews, takin care of my sister and now my mom its all stressful
im just happy the hives went away. Plus with isaacs mom pushing her sons EX girlfriend on me."shes a good person" "you will love her just talk to her"
Fuck since when do i need some woman's help to meet people. Its like i wanna yell in her face "MIND YOUR OWN SHIT & STAY OUTTA MINE"

I think its just been a badd few weeks. things will settle down in due time.
Im finally starting to kick the lamb thing. It kinda got outta hand. so i think ill get me like 3 to 4more bags and that beanie that i really want and one hoodie.

In regards to My previous post, I sat out in the front of my school today, i got out of my previous class early , so anyways i sat there waitin for the rain to pass cause i did not bring my umbrella, me and the cold do not mix. Back to the story... there was a group of girls talkin and someone said something about disliking some girl, sayin she was a "slut bag whore" for whatever reason. Turns out the girl was walkin towards the group of gals, and the one who was saying not so nice things about her ... she quicky greeted her with a hug. I thought it was really odd how she was smiling to her face and talkin crap about her behind her back. For that Very reason i try to avoid girls all together
i mean i have a few cool chick friends like liz.. she awesome girl . never starts crap with anyone. kinda gets jerked around by people she thinks are friends ... but thats just because shes too nice , Moral of this story is ...girls almost always questionable, i am optimistic to get more chick friends even though I'm avoiding it like the plague :C

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Randomeness !

Mar. 28th, 2006 | 05:14 pm
mood: good good

"the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference." if u dont like someone and don't care--you are indifferent to their actions."
It pretty much means that if u hate someone that you really love them enough to try to do things to them .
in other words love them. Rachel told me that
well i seen it on desperate housewives which is my show.

Thats why i can say with a clear head that i don't hate anyone. i would never do anything to anyone to hurt them in anyway. However i do believe You reap what u sew.
People do things to others say things to others which is not being a good person.
I just feel its sadd to try to hurt someone, say things that are hurtful. Cause all your really doin is hurting yourself
it takes a lot of Time and Energy to hate someone .
Look at people you know who hate people, It takes time and effort to think negative. Sit there and think up Mean and nasty things to say .. its all just really sad

All that energy to be negative when u can use that energy to be postive
Myself ill admit im negative at times.. but at the end of the day its like "what are you gonna do " i say that all the time, it pretty much means let it go . It takes up too much time and energy to be mad all the time.

Id rather be happy and laughing .

I think ive been though enough these past 19 years to know being like that is just a waste ...

I hope most of this makes sense .... i don't usally write in blog. im more of a speaker then a writer .....

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